Modern but traditional

Since being established by Bernhard Mauch as a straw hat factory in 1860, our company has always had its finger on the pulse of the times.

In 1896, Peter Birk carried on the company innovatively and successfully as "B. Mauch’s Nachfolger", although demand for hats declined dramatically after the Second World War. For that reason, the company began to assemble structural components and equipment for industrial customers, and this segment had advanced to become the main pillar of sales by 1960.

In 1992 we started with the production of CNC swivel parts. Due to the simultaneous decline in our assembly activities, we became in the meantime a  swivel parts manufacturer pure and simple.

For our customers and employees, our name has always stood for high quality and reliability. Since this is still the case today, our loyalty to our special name is born of conviction.